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Our Teachers

We have chosen our teachers through the help of the APEM selection committee. They have selected our staff based on their experience, personality, knowledge and pronunciation of French, and ability to help students progress in an environment conducive to learning.

We also ensure that they have a previous experience in teaching and have obtained degrees to teach French from a French-speaking country or from the US. As such, we also make sure that they either have had training to teach French as a foreign language to Anglophone children or are familiar with the challenges of bilingual children (for francophone children).

Our Assistants

The assistants play an important role in the class, as they look after the children while implementing the differentiated pedagogy prepared by the teacher.

We ensure that our assistants have French as their mother tongue or are fluent in speaking French through a college degree in French or extended stay in France. As such, we also make sure they have experience with children and have a college degree.

Our staff works in teams that meet regularly with our pedagogical coordinator to ensure compliance with the French curriculum.