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DELF: an official diploma recognized internationally and an asset for the future.
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What is DELF?

The DELF Diploma in French Studies is an official diploma awarded by the French Ministry of Education to certify skills in French as a foreign language. The DELF prim and Junior sessions are also open to all young French citizens residing in a non-French speaking country and who are educated in local institutions.

Why propose the DELF Prim (8 to 11 years) to your child?

This is an opportunity for your child:

  • to show their French skills;
  • to be rewarded for his work at school and;
  • to become accustomed to a diploma from the very beginning of their French language training.

Thus, you will accompany his progress and you will prepare him to pass the different levels of DELF throughout his schooling. Learn more.

DELF Junior for Teenagers (over 12 years old)

The DELF Junior is for children over 12 years old enrolled in middle or high school. Exam topics are based on the interest of the age group: immediate environment (family, personal data, interests, friends), daily situations, etc.

What are the advantages of DELF?

  • Give access to French universities and an increasing number of European and Canadian universities. Obtaining the DELF B2 provides entrance language tests in all French universities, as part of the application for prior admission (DAP) in a French higher education institution.
  • A professional asset: It allows to enrich his resume and get a job in companies or countries using French.
  • An adapted evaluation:
    6 diplomas proposed, from level A1 to C2 according to the European standards, the DELF-DALF are independent diplomas: a candidate can present himself directly to the diploma which corresponds to his level of French. To succeed, only 50% of the points are required, on all 4 skills. A higher score in one skill may compensate for a lower score in another skill. A score lower than 5/25 in one of the skills is eliminatory.
  • Worldwide recognition:
    These diplomas are internationally recognized in 174 countries on 5 continents and offered in more than 1000 accredited examination centers. They make it possible to promote, both academically and professionally, non-francophones or francophones living in a non-francophone country who wish to attest to their level of French. All versions of the DELF (all public, junior, school, Prim and Pro) have the same value and give the same benefits. They are valid without limitation of duration.

Would you like to introduce your child to the DELF exam?

Contact us today! To register for the upcoming DELF exam, visit STRATEGIC LANGUAGE INSTITUTE @ IFU 11200 SW 8th street, Miami.

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