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High School (12 to 15 years old)

We foresee that there will be two types of students in this category:

  1. Students that have not had any formal French language classes previously, but can speak the language.

    In this case, the APEM teacher will provide a class that will start with the basics of the Primary Level. This should enable the student to catch up an close the gap between their advanced speaking skills and their lack of formal learning in written French.

  2. Students that have been exposed to French classes previously in elementary/middle school or elsewhere and are proficient in reading and writing, as well as speaking the language.

    Even though their French level is lower than a student who would live in France, these students are able speak and write French adequately. Therefore, we will continue to improve the students’ vocabulary, grammar, and spelling knowledge. APEM’s teachers will be introducing them to French literature as well as French classical drama and movies.

    These students could actually enroll in some intensive French classes in high school as well. They would just need to pass a level exam which is available in most of the schools in the district.

    For more information regarding this, please visit the website of CampusFrance.