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Summer fun with friends and French!
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APEM introduces a fun Summer camp experience this 2019! Our team welcomes children from ages 4 to 10 years old in our immersion centers.

Our summer camp allows children to enrich their vocabulary, discover French history and culture through play, arouse their curiosity, and increase their motivation to continue learning the French language. 

The days are punctuated by moments of creativity, discoveries, outdoor games, relaxation, and sharing that will surely give children a summer experience that they will never forget.

As such, we also invite children from ages 4-10 yr old to join our 2-week French immersion program this June. This program enables children to improve their vocabulary in the French language in the most natural way, through PLAY! Our camps aim at stimulating the children’s curiosity and motivation to practice their French and their desire to continue learning and progressing in French as a second (or third) language.

This summer 2019 is all about creativity and discoveries, making new friends, and sharing happy moments, outdoor games, and having fun…in French!